The American Academy of HIV Medicine, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, invites you to attend a Web seminar using WebEx. This event requires registration.

Topic: HIV Testing Toolkit: Preparing HIV Care Providers to Teach Testing
This webinar, sponsored AAHIVM and CDC, will acquaint HIV providers on the HIV Testing materials available from the Academy, including our HIV Testing slide presentation, Guide to Best Practices in HIV Testing, Physician Primer on HIV testing. The testing toolkit will equip HIV providers to communicate the message of routine testing to primary care providers and doctors of other specialties in their communities. The webinar will teach how they can use the Testing Toolkit materials to educate other providers on the importance of routine HIV Testing and how to begin employing routine testing in their practice. 

Proposed Agenda: 
1. Introduction
2. Background on AAHIVM and CDC Routine Testing Initiative
3. The need to educate non-HIV providers on Routine Testing
4. Purpose – Teaching routine testing outside the HIV universe
5. Introduction of materials on toolkit
         a. HIV Testing slide presentation
         b. Guide to Best Practices in HIV Testing
         c. Physician Primer on HIV testing
         d. Reimbursement Coding Guide 
6. Discussion of how/were these materials can be used
7. Questions and Answers


Date and Time:
August 30, 2010
6:30 pm, Mountain Daylight Time
5:30 pm, Pacific Daylight Time
2:30 pm, Hawaiian Standard Time

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