NMA’s Clinical Trails Fact Sheet

African American Guide to HIV

Q&A - Men on the Down Low

HIV/AIDS among African Americans

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The Body: The HIV/AIDS Complete Resource: African American HIV/AIDS Resource Center

HealthHIV.org website

Kaiser Family Foundation Fact Sheets. The fact sheets are also available online on http://www.kff.org/

“Black Americans and HIV/AIDS”—provides information on the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS on Blacks. 
“Latinos and HIV/AIDS”—focuses on the largest and fastest growing ethnic minority group in the country. 
“Women and HIV/AIDS in the United States”—highlights the challenges for women living with and at risk for HIV. 

HIV.  Think it Can’t Happen to You?
By Kimberlin Dennis
Cleveland resident, spokesperson for Take Charge. Take the Test. and founder of Ministry of Hope

Take Charge, Take the Test Poster