NMA President’s Task Force Obesity Task Force Members

Launched 2011

The obesity crisis in America has reached epic proportions.  Today, more than two out of three adults in America are overweight or obese. Excess weight affects adults and children of all races and nationalities; however none more than African Americans by most estimates.  In addition, the obesity epidemic is linked to 35 major chronic illnesses.  Given our work on the front lines with various disease states, it is imperative that the NMA develops a consistent, comprehensive approach to the problem of obesity in our children to adults and all of the co-morbid conditions that exist.  Members of the task force assist the NMA in developing our national agenda regarding obesity.  This task force was created by the 111thPresident of the NMA  Leonard Weather, Jr.,  R.PH, M.D.


Elvan Daniels, MD - Associate

Director, Community Oriented Primary Care National Center for Primary Care (NCPC)

M. Christopher Griffith, M.D

A Positive Mental Attitude, L.L.C.


Bradley S. Jackson, M.D – Premier

Pediatric Group Inc


Larry A. Jones, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Health and Dental Care for Kids


Robert Ferguson, MS, CN

Founder, Diet Free Life Corporation


Oliver Brooks, M.D.  - Pediatrician


Terrence Fullum M.D., F.A.C.S

Center for Wellness and Weight Loss Surgery


Sharon Allison Ottey, M.D

 NMA Health Strategist/Consultant


Leonard Weather, Jr., R.PH, M.D

111th President, National Medical Association


Roslyn A. Douglas, MA

Diabetes Program Coordinator

The NMA promotes the collective interests of physicians and patients of African descent. We carry out this mission by serving as the collective voice of physicians of African descent and a leading force for parity in medicine, elimination of health disparities and promotion of optimal health.

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