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Nominating Committee
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2016 NMA Nominating Committee and election process

Potential candidates for NMA office should read this memo detailing the process and direct any questions to the nominating committee at

Dates and Deadlines:

June 20, 2016 Memo sent via email to NMA membership and Delegates.
June 20 to July 4, 2016  Applications accepted.
July 4, 2016 Application deadline.  All materials must be received by 11:59PM MST
July 5 to July 18, 2016  Nominating committee phone interviews (To be scheduled individually)  
July 30 and August 1, 2016 Nominating Committee onsite Interviews (at request of nominating committee)
July 31, 2016  President-Elect Candidate Forum in HOD, Nominating Committee;  Election composite presented. 
August 2, 2016  Candidates present during regional meetings. 
August 3, 2016  Nominating Committee Ballot presented to HOD and election of candidates. 
Positions open for election in 2016

Click here to view the election grid.

Speaker of the House of Delegates 
Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates
Secretary of the House of Delegates 
Region 1 Trustee
Region 2 Trustee
Region 3 Trustee 
Region 4 Trustee 
Region 5 Trustee
Region 6 Trustee


Application process: 

Candidates for NMA office are asked to complete the 2016 Nomination Committee Application that can be found at the following link:

In addition, candidates are requested to provide the following documents to the nominating committee by the July 1 deadline to complete their application:

  • Interest Statement (Maximum length: 1 page double spaced)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Copy of unexpired medical license
  • Headshot photograph
  • Regional chair endorsement letter (please note this letter should also verify that you have been a dues paid member of  your state and/or local society for the 3 previous years)
Documents should be submitted via email to The application and all documents should be submitted by July 4, 2016 at 11:59PM MST.

Election Composite: 

An election composite will be prepared by the nominating committee and include documentation submitted by all candidates for office who submit materials to the nominating committee by the stated deadline of July 4.  This composite will include the photo, personal statement, listing of all previous NMA offices, region/local society affiliation, and specialty information as submitted by the candidate.  This composite will be made available to all HOD delegates.  NonHOD delegates may request the composite by emailing  Regional chairs are encouraged to disseminate this information to their constituency.

Nomination Process for the Office of President-Elect for 2016:

As no member indicated their desired candidacy for the Office of President-Elect by the compendium specified deadline (ie the end of the 2015 Annual Meeting and Scientific Session).  A special call for nominations will take place in the first session of the House of Delegates (July 31, 2016).  Members interested in the office of President-Elect will have the opportunity to declare their interest publicly at this time.  While candidates are still asked to meet the July 4 deadline for the general nomination documentation submission process, it is felt that this formal declaration is important to allow the membership to make an informed decision and attempt to remain close to the spirit of the previously approved resolution in the compendium.

Candidates Forum for President Elect Candidates:

In order to facilitate the delegates’ and memberships’ access to candidates seeking the Office of President-Elect, a candidates’ forum will take place in the House of Delegates during the second session on August 1, 2016.  Candidates for President-Elect who have indicated their intention to run for office in the special call for nominations on July 31, 2016 will have the opportunity to address the House of Delegates.  The delegates/membership will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates.  This forum will take place in an open session of the House of Delegates at a time decided upon by the HOD leadership.

General Nomination Process: 

For all offices other than President-Elect, a member may indicate their self-nomination by submission of application and requested documentation for vetting to the nominating committee by the stated deadline of July 4.  All candidates submitting documentation to the committee by this deadline will be offered a phone interview with the nominating committee.  All of these calls will be recorded for review and transparency.  

The nominating committee will deliberate on all information available to them prior to the Annual meeting and may request onsite interviews with candidates at their discretion to complete their deliberations and vetting.  Request for an onsite interview is not an indication of selection for the slate.  Following the completion of all interviews, the nominating committee will deliberate and prepare a slate of individuals to be nominated at the time of the election in the House of Delegates.

Campaign Standards:

Candidates may produce campaign materials at their own expense to distribute to the membership/delegates.  Candidates should not solicit the endorsement of members of the nominating committee nor should they provide members of the nominating committee with campaign materials except for as part of their presentation during interviews.  At the time of the election (ie 3rd HOD session), candidate materials should not be placed within the HOD meeting room by candidates.  Campaign materials may be passed out to delegates prior to their entering the HOD meeting room, but not within the meeting room during the 3rd HOD session.   All candidates will have the opportunity to address the regions and membership during the regional meetings on August 2, 2016.  Candidates should notify the regional chairs that they are outside of the room and then present when invited by the regional chair.  Candidates should keep their remarks under 2 minutes and should entertain questions only if permitted by the regional chair.

Election Process:

As per the NMA Constitution and By-Laws, the election of candidates will take place in the last session of the NMA House of Delegates (Wednesday, August 3, 2016).  The nominating committee will submit a slate of candidates to the HOD as part of the nominating committee report. Following the presentation of the candidate placed on the slate for each office by the nominating committee, the floor will be opened for nominations for that office. (See process below).  Following this process, the nominating committee will review and verify information presented by candidates from the floor and the finalized election slate will be presented to the HOD.  Following the completion of the final election slate, the election will take place using the electronic process with delegates voting using weighted keycards as provided by the NMA HOD team.

Floor Nominations:

As per Robert’s Rules of Order and the NMA constitution, at the time of the election, candidates not being nominated to the election slate by the nominating committee may submit their names from the floor for consideration.  If a candidate has not previously submitted documentation to the nominating committee they will be asked to provide proof of their unencumbered license, proof of their Active NMA membership at the time that they accept the nomination.  This information will be reviewed and verified by the committee prior to the election to ensure that only candidates eligible for election are voted upon.

Constitution, By-Laws and Compendium References:

  • Constitution
    • Article V-General Officers
  • By-Laws
    • Chapter IV-House of Delegates
      • Section 4 –Officers
  • Compendium (Internal)
    • 350.230 NMA Verify Candidate Credentials
    • 375.013 NMA Resolution on Election to National Offices
    • 375.002 Payment of Dues
    • 390.035 Uniformed Election Process
    • 390.034 Appearance Before the Nominations Committee
    • 405.010 Candidates for the Office of President Elect
    • 405.009 Election of the President-Elect
    • 405.007 NMA Officers Utilize Their Diverse Talents, Experience, and Expertise
    • 405.004 Publication of Candidate Names for NMA Offices
    • 415.055 Campaign Standards
    2016 Nominating Committee Members
    Brandi Freeman, MD (Chair)
    Michelle Clark, MD 
    Leonard Weather, MD  
    René Settle-Robinson, DPM
    Open (to be appointed by the Speaker of the House prior to deliberations) 
    Open (Alternate) 


    Nominating Committee Contact Information

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