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Warren Strudwick, MD – Chair 2019-2021 – 1st
George Barnett, MD 2018-2020 – 1st
Renee Settle-Robinson 2018-2020 – 2nd
Yolanda Malone Gilbert 2019-2021 – 2nd
Shelby Wilkes, MD 2019-2021 - 1st


Constitution and By-Laws

Kevin McKinney, MD, Chair (TX) 2015-2017
Rahn Bailey, MD (NC) 2016-2018
Joia Crear-Perry, MD (LA) 2016-2018
Wesley Carter, MD (VA) 2016-2018
Leon McDougle, MD, (OH) 2016-2018
Randy Hawkins, MD (CA) Consultant 2016-2018
Lornel Thompkins, MD (VA) Consultant 2016-2018

Nominating Committee

Jennifer Walton, MD (OH) Chair 2016-2018
Leonard Weather, MD (LA) 2015-2017
Karen Myrie, MD 2016-2018
Janice Bray, MD (TX) 2016-2018
Michelle Clark, MD (CA) 2015-2017

Council on Educational Affairs

Billy Ballard, MD (Meharry)
Lawrence Sanders, MD (GA)
Vacant (Howard)
Vacant (Drew)

Representatives from majority medical schools

William Lawson, MD (TX) 2016-2018
Vernon Ross, MD (NC) 2016-2019
Wallace Johnson, MD 2016-2017
Gary Butts, MD (NY) 2016-2018

At-Large Members

Karen Bell, MD (NY) 2015-2018
John Arradondo, MD (TN) 2016-2019
Gloria Frelix, MD (NC) 2016-2018
Alonzo Walker, MD (WI) 2016-2019

Representatives of African American Hospitals


Graduate Physician Trustee

Ciara Talbot, MD, (GA) 2015-2018

Small Hospital Representative


Teaching Hospital Representative

Camille Clare, MD (NY) 2016-2019

Medical Student Representative

Christen Johnson (OH) 2016-2017

Ad Hoc Member (Executive Secretary)

Executive Director - Martin Hamlette

Judicial Council

L. Natalie Carroll, MD, (TX) 2015-2020 - 1st
Jackson Davis, MD 2017-2022 – 1st
Patricia Hart, MD 2015-2021 – 1st
LaMorris Perry, MD 2018-2023 – 1st
Lonnie Joe, MD 2019-2024 – 1st

Council on Maternal and Child Health

Suzanne Tropez-Sims, MD (TN), Chair 2014-2017
Sherri Simpson, MD 2016-2018
Carolyn King, MD 2016-2019

Council on Medical Leglislation

Mark Mitchell, MD (TN), Chair 2016-2017
Alice Coombs, MD 2016-2017
Anthony Ibe, MD 2016-2017
Rose Green Thomas, MD 2016-2018
Suzanne Baker, MD 2016-2018
Marie Young, MD 2016-2018
Cynthia Paige, MD 2016-2019
Walter Faggett, MD 2016-2019

Council on Concerns of Women Physicians

Yolanda Lawson, MD, (TX) Chair 2014-2018
June Coleman, MD (TX) 2014-2017
Rachel Villanueva, MD (NY) 2015-2017
Alice Coombs, MD (MA) 2015-2017
Katrina Peters, MD (CA) 2015-2018
Mikki Barker, MD (AK) 2015-2018
Beverly Gaines, MD (KY) 2015-2018
Khadijah Lang, MD (CA) 2015-2017
Alison Alexander, MD 2015-2019
Cheryl Holder, MD (FL) 2015-2018
Kecia Gaither, MD (NY) 2014-2019
Lisa Walker Dillard, MD (GA) 2015-2017
Jennell Wilson, MD 2016-2019
Priscilla Mpasi, MD (VA) 2016-2019
Liat Applewhite, MD (NY) 2016-2019

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